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Best private student accommodation in Bucharest

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Private student accommodation in Bucharest. Are you coming to study in Bucharest? If yes, you’ll need a place to stay. In case you are wondering what are the best options for student accommodation, then you’re in the perfect place. We’ve chosen the best private accommodation for you. You may read about what options are there on the market, how much do you have to pay and what do you get in return. Like all around the world, inflation has also affected the cost of student accommodation. In some cases the price went up with up to 20% versus last year.

Why choose Bucharest?

Bucharest is a very vibrant city and it is the largest city and capital of Romania. With a population of over 2.5 milions, over 40.000 students come here every year. There are also a lot of foreign students, coming from various countries to complete their studies.

As Bucharest is a very crowded city (4th place in the world), you may want to pick carefully. Make sure that the accommodation is close to the subway. This is the fastest way to travel here. There is no need to bring your car, you have ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Bolt or Clever Taxi to move in the evenings. The city also has a vast surface transportation options. We prefer the subway (or metro as we call it).

Cost of living in Bucharest

Life cost is pretty decent, considering you are in the EU’s 7th largest country (19 mil). Ok, in Bucharest the cost of living may be higher than the rest of the country, but it’s still ok. A beer costs around 3 EUR, a hamburger around 6-8 EUR and a sim data-plan around 5 EUR (with over 10 GB of data).

So what are the best private students accommodation in Bucharest? There are a few notable options, with decent prices such, starting from 160 EUR/month. Of course you may rent an apartment or studio, but you’ll miss all the fun and opportunities to make friends for life.

Private student accommodation Bucharest. West Gate Studios


West Gate Studios

West Gate Studios

West Gate Studios is located in Militari area, very close to the Preciziei Metro Station (200 m). The rooms ale fully furnished, so you don’t have to bring anything. You get your own kitchenette, fridge, bathroom wih shower, tv and air conditioning. This is the only private student accommodation that has its own balcony. You also get free internet access, so you will always be connected with your friends and family.

West Gate Studios Sala Studiu

West Gate Studios – Library

If you want to study, there is an amazing library & reading rooms open round the clock that you can use for free! West Gate Studios is located in a business area, where you will find 24/7 groceries store, own laundromat, gym, cantine, coffee shops, pharmacy, medical clinic and parkins lots (paid). The area is under 24/7 video surveillance, with security round the clock. Incuded in the tax, you get free medical services at the private clinic located within the business park. Starting with 2018, there is also an outdoor pool – for more sun in the sun!

Garsoniera T1 West Gate Studios

West Gate Studios Room

There are 2 room types to choose from:

Studio– 25 sqm
Junior Suite – 35 sqm

West Gate Studios has over 590 Studios and 154 Junior Suites. This means that over 1500 students may live here. If you want to stay here, you must sign a contract valid for 12 months. Please note, that all utilities costs are included in this price (electricity, water, security, heating, etc). This means you won’t pay anything extra.

Prices valid for 2023-2024 academic year (updated with inflation):

Room Type Monthly rent (€)Warranty (€)
*for 100% payment** 75% advance payment + 25%
Place in Studio180 195 €185 200 €300 €
Entire Studio350 380 €360 390 €600 €
Placein Junior Suite205 220 €210 225 €480 €
Entire Junior Suite400 430 €410 440 €840 €

Check out their website HERE.

Private student accommodation Bucharest. ARCCA



Another great alternative for private students accommodation in Bucharest is ARCCA Student Housing. Depending on where you study, you may pick from 3 different housings – Pajura Garden, Vitan Village or Titan Garden. All together, ARCCA can accommodate over 2600 studens in double or triple rooms. You get fully furnished rooms, you get your own bathroom, fridge, microwave and internet access. Rooms are smaller (15 sqm) than the ones in West Gate Studios (25 sqm). Nevertheless, you’ll love the setup and the stylish rooms.

Even if their locations are not so close to the subway, they offer you free bus in and out, every day.

You won’t get your own kitchenette; instead, you may use the common kitchen.

For your own spot in ARCCA Vitan you’ll have to pay 160 €/month. If you chose to stay in a triple room, the cost for a standard spot is 123 € and 138 € for a premium one.  The good thing is that all the costs with utilities are included in the monthly fee. When you settle in, please note that you’ll have to pay a setup fee of 120 €.

Camera dubla ARCCA

Double Room ARCCA

Prices for ARCCA Vitan academic year 2019-2020 (per person, per month)

Room TypeStandardPremiumPremium Plus
Triple123 €138 €
Double160 €165 €190 €
Single285 €295 €320 €

For ARCCA Pajura Garden you’ll pay for your own spot 132 €/month in a triple room and 180 €/month in a double room. Same thing as above – when you settle in, you have to pay a setup fee of 120 €.

Prices for ARCCA Pajura Garden academic year 2019-2020 (per person, per month)

Room typeStandardPremium
Triple132 €
Double180 €190 €
Single310 €320 €

ARCCA Titan Garden

ARCCA Titan Garden

Their newest campus – Titan Garden – is very close to one of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest. All the rooms here are equipped with air conditioning! This is a premium campus, for people that expect more.

Prices for ARCCA Titan Garden academic year 2019-2020 (per person, per month)

Room Type



Premium (9 months)190 € 320 € 
Premium (12 months)160 € 225 €

Same thing as above – when you settle in, you have to pay a setup fee of 120 €.

Check out their website HERE.

Private student accommodation Bucharest. Campus Stejarul

Campus Stejarul

Campus Stejarul

Stejarul Campus (meaning Oak Tree) is a very small (only 16 rooms), chic and styled student dormitory. It is located very close to the Medicine & Pharmacy University of Bucharest, 59 Carol Davila Street. If you study there, this is the perfect place! You only have to walk 650 m to get to the closest subway station – Eroilor. This means that getting aroung in the city is very easy.

Camin Stejarul - Camera

Stejarul Campus – Student Accommodation

All the rooms are fully furnished, equipped with air conditioning and own bathroom. Stejarul Campus accommodates boys onlyIf you’re looking for all-inclusive services, serving breakfast and dinner is included in the fees. Prices for a spot are starting from 300€/month.

Check out their website HERE.

Private student accommodation Bucharest. Campus Timona

Campus Timona Bucuresti

Campus Timona Bucharest

We’ve shown you above boys only dormitory – now it’s girls time ?. Timona Campus accommodates girls only . The same as Stejarul, Timona is located very close to Medicine & Pharmacy University of Bucharest, on 35 St. Elefterie Street.  You can stay alone in one of the 25fully furnished rooms. a/c and own bathroom. The design is wow . Same as above, the meals are included in the monthly fee.

Camera Campus Timona

Student’s Room

All incluse services come with a cost of 280 €/month, for an individual room, but with shared bathroom. If you want to have your own private bathroom, you have to pay  300 €/month. The contracts are signed for 9 months, you may pay the rent every month, each 3 months or 100% in advance.

Check out their website (unfortunately not in english) HERE.

No matter what type of accommodation you choose in Bucharest, make sure:

  • first, that it suits your needs
  • second, that you are aware of all ups and downs
  • that you don’t have to spend hours going to and from university
  • that there is a clear contract
  • that all extra cost (if any) are clearly marked
  • that the administration is ready to take actions in case you need it

We highly recommend you come first and pay a visit to see where the accommodation is located, how far it is from your university, what is around and how the rooms looklike. It is even better to join some other friends – in the end, who wants to be alone in a new, unknown city? Being a student is the nicest period of your lifetime – make it count!

Photos & Sources – West Gate Studios, ARCCA, Campus Stejarul, Campus Timona.

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